Lucien Simon is an award winning Film Director and Community Artist who has a diverse and expansive career as an artist. In his 20s he was part of the burgeoning spoken word scene in Hobart, performing original poetry and producing monthly readings, festival events and a spoken word recording that feature some of the State’s best spoken word poets.  Lucien played in multiple bands including Dust who were part of Hobart’s legendary post-punk scene that spawned luminaries such as The Stickmen,  Legends of Motorsport and The Sea Scouts. Dust toured the mainland regularly supporting the legendary Roland S Howard and Indie darlings like Augie March, the Dead Salesmen, and The Tea Party. Lucien was also an actor in various stage productions, including Avatar by legendary theatre anarchists Splinters Theatre of the Spectacle. It was Lucien’s ability to bring people together that created his most significant achievements through his 20s.

In the mid-90s Lucien initiated and co-founded the arts collective ARK who in turn created the ARKhive, a hybrid Arts space that created such a buzz locally and Nationally that it was listed in J-Mag as one of the countries top 5 venues within the first three months of opening. He then initiated and co-founded the Hobart Fringe Festival which peaked in 2000 with an attendance of 15,000 people. On January 23, 1999 Lucien, sans helmet, rode a moped off an incomplete bridge in Sumatra. The accident almost took his life and left him visually impaired. Lucien was discharged from hospital 6-months later. Within a year Lucien was Associate Director and Theatre Coordinator for the Hobart Fringe Festival and had directed his first play for the Australian Script Centre. He then formed Scapetheatre and was co-Director of the company with Marisa Mastrocola. Within the companies first two years it had produced multiple plays, including, three world premiers, and toured two productions to Melbourne. In 2002 Lucien was offered the job of Artistic Director of Riverland Youth Theatre. In the three years he was Artistic Director he commissioned 7 new Australian plays, toured four productions to Adelaide for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Come Out Festival, secured annual funding from three local councils, increased annual funding from the State funding body by 50% and moved the company from dilapidated offices in Barmera to it’s own theatre in Renmark.

Since leaving Riverland Youth Theatre in 2005 Lucien has directed multiple short films, community art projects and documentaries, as well as had development investment in three feature film scripts and Produced, Directed and Co-Written the fesature film, Breeding in Captivity (currently in post-production). He has developed a method of working with actors that is highly collaborative and process driven. He has taught the process overseas and had his method tested for its therapeutic qualities by art therapist Briana MacWilliam. Lucien’s work is fearless, emotional, beautiful, challenging, enthralling, authentic and unique. It is informed by a life rich in experience, suffering and joy. It is work that is human and about being human.


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