Method of Embodiment

For the feature-length film Breeding in Captivity, currently in post-production, Director Lucien Simon developed a unique collaborative scriptwriting process inspired by the work of Academy Award winning Director/Writer Mike Leigh. The main point of differentiation between Mike Leigh’s method and Lucien’s process is the way in which Lucien works with the actors to build their characters.

The character development process involves visualisation techniques learnt from Theatre Director Julian Meyrick that physicalise the character. Once the physical form is defined the actor then builds a memory map that is, in turn, connected to the physicality of the character by using Meridian’s. Each point of physical change is articulated and related to a Meridian. The actor then creates memories related to the emotional and intellectual property of the meridian. Not only does the actor build a unique physical presence but the actor also creates a defined history that is linked to the physical body thus causing the actor, when at risk, to have spontaneous physical and memory reactions when performing.

In May 2014 Tasmanian Regional Arts funded Lucien to work at the Pratt Institute with Art Therapist Briana MAcWilliam MPS, ART-BC, LCAT on testing wither the method had therapeutic application. What she found was that the process of mirroring utilised by the method allowed the participant to face aspects that were often hidden from the self. Through this study Lucien developed the method further to incorporate technique’s that would allow these aspects to be integrated back into the self.

Briana MAcWilliam MPS, ART-BC, LCAT paper on the methos:  Summary Report for the Raven Project



This is Lucien’s preferred method of working and developing scripts. He has taught this method in Master Classes and if you are interested in hosting a master class or having one-on-one training in the method then contact Lucien directly.